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realpayment LTD is a professional investment corporation engaged in stock, foreign exchange market, Bitcoin market and gold trading. Complex market world is our daily concern. Our mission is to obtain funds for further management. With successful development of the private sector capital management for ten years, we are ready to make our services open to the whole world. The Internet has become the most convenient and broadest channel of communication, which is the reason why we decide to provide service through the internet in consideration of responsibility, so as to attract investors online.

Our goal at realpayment LTD is to provide our clients with a comprehensive market with new resources, whether you have limited experience in foreign exchange trade or gold trade or that you are interested in the stock market. So we open a professional market which is attracting investors from all over the world,who have online trading and investment experience.

Th most precious asset of our company is the relationship between online investment and its customers. We believe that our company must be based on mutual trust, safe investment, stable benefits and credible websites.

Our Cultures &
Our Values

Our values are not static. They guide us to do all the things and make us realize them. The customer demand is the core of the entire decisions. We always recognize bigger picture and keep our sense of responsibility in everything we do.

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Our Mission

Our vision is to become a leading investment company, which provides innovative solutions with social responsibility, to meet the needs of our customers and achieve give them best returns.
Establish sustainable and profitable investment platform with social responsibility.
Provide friendly and high quality customer service.
Beyond-expectation is our driving force. We continue to challenge ourselves to ensure the superiority of our customers.
We are proud of what we are doing. We adopt secure, stable and reliable methods to ensure good return to all the investment.

Our Team


Ben Beatles

Senior Trader


Kaitlyn Miller

Senior Trader


Jemmy Jordan

Senior Trader


Allison Sanchez

Senior Trader

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